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Terry Smith Studio Home

Balroyal Plantation
Pearson, GA - 2014

Francis Marion's Militia Needs
Manning, SC - 2013

Colors of My Culture
Miami, FL - 2012

Palatka Train Depot
Palatka, FL - 2012

Home of the Eagles
Odessa, FL - 2012

Francis Marion "Reflections"
Manning, SC - 2011

Pond Bluff to St. Stephen's Curch
Manning, SC - 2010

High Times in Palatka
Palatka, FL - 2009

Siege at Fort Watson
Summerton, SC - 2009

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Siege at Ft Watson
(Summerton, South Carolina)

image of mural part 1

image of Siege mural part 2

Image of Siege mural part 3

Image of Siege mural part 4

Main Street on Baucom's building

17 feet high by 74 feet wide, completed 2009.

Sponsor: Swamp Fox Mural Trail Society

Marion's men laid siege to Fort Watson for many days starting April 16, 1781. While waiting for a cannon to arrive, Major Maham suggested building a tower to have sharpshooters pick off the Redcoats inside the fort. The Patriots gathered saplings for several days and constructed the tower overnight. The use of the tower led to the capture of Fort Watson on April 23, 1781, and was the final scimmage of the Battle of Fort Watson.

These murals are donated by the Swamp Fox Murals Trail Society, 2009, to bring alive Revoutionary War history.


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