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2015 - 2009
Murals by Title

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Terry Smith Studio Home

Balroyal Plantation
Pearson, GA - 2014

Francis Marion's Militia Needs
Manning, SC - 2013

Colors of My Culture
Miami, FL - 2012

Palatka Train Depot
Palatka, FL - 2012

Home of the Eagles
Odessa, FL - 2012

Francis Marion "Reflections"
Manning, SC - 2011

Pond Bluff to St. Stephen's Curch
Manning, SC - 2010

High Times in Palatka
Palatka, FL - 2009

Siege at Fort Watson
Summerton, SC - 2009

2008 - 2006 Murals

2005 - 2003 Murals

2002 - 1991 Murals

Terry Smith Working on a Mural

"People find it interesting that I hide things in my murals. In the tribute to Billy Graham, you will find a tiny church mouse in the scene, a cross on one of Graham's fingernails and a reflection of hymnals in the windows. Murals aren't fine art; they are meant to tell a story and attract an audience's attention."
Terry Smith

About 1990 I was asked by the Mural Society of Lake Placid, Florida, to paint a mural. I talked it over with a fellow artist and decided to give it a try.

The subjects vary but I prefer landscapes and wildlife. I will attempt almost any size depending on the wall surface, windows, and doors. They take from four days to three weeks to complete. The price varies with size. For further information email the artist.


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